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File server solutions

  • stop! the computer-to-computer file sharing.

    Peer-to-Peer networking - Not Safe
    85% of offices today still engage in P2P (Peer-to-Peer) networking (2 or more computers that share resources to run an office) You're putting your company at risk of severe data loss and/or corruption. Hackers can detect chatter on open networks. File Servers are designed machines to run in any environment, under extreme pressure and deliver every time. Make the decision to transform your business.

  • servers are designed to take on demands and deliver.

    File Server Safe Network - skytouch.org
    Centrally manage all your data. Servers keep your files protected from intrusion. Scheduled backups secure you from business pitfalls. SKYTOUCH techs can remotely access the server to add/delete users, create new structures, manage policies and deny employees. Host your databases on the server for full max performance instead of computers. Scale your hard drive capacity with no concern of ever running out of room.

automated process scheduled backups and services

Servers are designed to receive detailed and extensive commands. They carry out complicated processes to protect your organization from downtime. Back up your data, automate file share folders, audit security policies - Maximize your business now.

central management work while technicians work

Servers bring automation and simultaneous efforts to your organization. WHile employees work, SKYTOUCH technicians can fix problems, add new software, add users or delete them, add data folders, remove problems and expand hard drives.. Never again will you have to wait.

restoring is easy computers fail - servers deliver

In any office environment, business owners run the risk of computers failing. When and if they do, restoring is easy. Servers contain profile information and existing data which allows a new compuer to reconnect when it fails.

company wide sync 'wow' people with Microsoft exchange

Servers today can accomodate Microsoft Exchange. Exchange is an email management system that can automate your business and tie everyone in together so that business can ALWAYS stay ahead and never be left behind.

servers for every business

Large business and big data.

For companies that host 40, 60, 80 or even 200 TB (Terabytes) of data need enterprise level servers and redundancy. Delivery is critical and employees constantly need access to these servers..

small/medium businesses: SMB2

Our most requested service. Businesses advance with the right equipment. We provide entry to advanced level servers to offices with 2 to 200 employees that need data and protection.

custom solutions for all businesses.

Sometimes servers out the box are not what customers need. SKYTOUCH evaluates your needs, and custom builds a server solution to custom fit into your organization effectively for growth.

Quality servers, built to last

maximize your business potential with your technology dollars.

Why not. Your business depends on it