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Microsoft exchange Server email

  • What is Microsoft exchange and why do we need it.

    Exchange Server 2013 SyncExchange is a popular Microsoft system that includes an email server & groupware applications for company-wide syncs. Exchange is used with Microsoft Outlook and handhelds. It's intuitive ability to share calendars, contacts, sync emails, invite groups and view maps, makes it a machine.

  • how much better is it versus GMail, and standard email.

    How much better? It's a world of difference. Standard email (or POP3) has to be installed not only on every device, but managed on every device. That can be painful and confusing. Exchange, is a full time sync, 1 action means a full sync across every device it's connected to. No more double deletions or multiple actions.
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  • how do we install exchange in Your office environment

    Installing Microsoft Exchange is easy. Call us at 888-580-7668, or fill out the contact form. Make sure you select > Email Server. We will walk you through understanding the entire process. Consultation is free, and the benefits are rewarding. No need to say anything further: START NOW

onsite installation time efficient turn around delivery

Deploying exchange server never got easier. Call SKYTOUCH Soluitons free at 888-580-7668, a representative is ready to walk you through the entire process of understanding how it works, ask important questions about your office and how to start the process. Usually installs within 1 business day.

Full functionality ready to work o ut-the-box

Microsoft Exchange has made some incredible leaps throughout the years. Exchange 2013 now is ready to receive corporate class email, sync and send to all devices, right out the box with a few installation steps by a qualified SKYTOUCH Solutions technician. Process is easy, Start Now.

corporate-class email for everyone

exchange email is always secure.

Get enterprise-class reliability and protect against spam and malware, while maintaining access to email during and after emergencies. Exchange protection provides a layer of protection for every user, so your organization is worry-free.

sync everything - any time, Everywhere.

Exchange Sync provides the highest level of integration for the latest mobile devices including iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows Phone 7. The "Push" technology means, you get everything on all devices, no matter where you go.

managed and shared calendars.

Experience business-class messaging at every level. Now, have your calendar managed by one, or the entire office while youre on the run handling important business matters. Synchronize both ways, so nothing is ever missed.

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